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WATCH: We Can Bear-ly Contain It! - Ethan Eagle gives Buster Bear a Bird's-Eye View of the Inlet

posted on 2017-02-23

In this next episode in Buster Bear’s Vancouver quest, Steve Adore fills Buster in on the importance of containers to shipping, and how the first containers EVER were shipped from North Vancouver. Suddenly, Ethan Eagle (under Captain Nemo’s orders) swoops in, and flies Buster over the Port of Vancouver’s North Shore. Buster gets a bird’s-eye “Bear-spective” on Burrard Inlet, and all the amazing things that move through the port each year. Dropping Buster down on a pile of wood chips, Ethan gives him a hint to reach down “into our roots”, before swooping off. Buster remembers that Moodyville’s roots are in lumber, and he reaches down and pulls out the essence of Wood Bear for Nemo’s quest!

Special note: This MOM (Multimedia Outreach Module) is the second in a two part story arc that was developed in partnership with the North Vancouver Museum and Archives, and the Port of Vancouver. Stay tuned for more Buster Bear adventures!


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